Feel The Pain

Today is another great day for yet another under feet update. This time we have a sexy brunette that’s really into having fun with her male slaves. Seems that for tonight she got her ands on some fresh meat, and she intends to show him the ropes in what goes for her and what doesn’t. Watch her as she puts him to lie down on the floor as she puts her feet on him. She then starts playing around with his cock, teasing him and getting rougher and rougher on his dick. You can bet the guy wasn’t expecting this, but he’s suppose to be obedient.


See this mistress torturing and humiliating her slave!

Under Feet – Humiliating a Slave

Hey guys, under feet here again with another superb update. This time we have one sexy and sizzling hot woman that is the boss of her firm. And as a side hobby she’s into dominating her guys every time she gets the chance too. Today she got her hands on one of her subordinates. She had her eyes on this guy for quite a while and she intends to have her way with him tonight. Watch her as she orders the guy around and turns him into her little man slut for the evening. We hope you enjoyed her and see you soon guys!


Watch here this naughty mistress torturing her slave!

Feet Licking

For today’s under feet update we bring you more of the same things that you love. Namely more male sex slaves doing the bidding of their naughty and sexy mistresses. So for this one watch as another stud gets pushed around and ordered by his women to do their bidding. They both offer up their long and sleek legs for him to lick on and kiss, and he seems to be really enjoying himself too. Who knows maybe the two will also be giving him a treat later, but only if he proves to be a good sport and do as he’s told. Bye guys!


Check out this slave savoring this babe’s delicious toes!

Under Feet – Perfect Feet

This fine day under feet returns with more feet worshiping guys that aim to please their eager mistresses. This time we bring you the most beautiful pair of feet that you can see and this guy that’s going to praise them and worship them like they should be. His mistress takes off her tight boots and presents him with her feet. So without further due, let’s all sit back and watch the dude treat his mistresses legs like they should be treated. Enjoy this guys and check out the other updates too. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you soon.


Check out this mistress forcing a slave to lick her feet!

Torturing a Slave

Under feet is not only aimed to be the source for lady dominatrix’s but also the spot where you can see guys worshiping their female master’s feet with a passion. Today we have another guy that does just that for his two very enticing and hit women masters. They enjoy the treatment and he does too as he always loves them when they wear their thigh high leather boots. Today he takes extra care to worship them properly and lick them in their entirety while the two just watch him closely. Enjoy the update guys and bye bye!


See this mistress having her feet worshiped by a slave!

Under Feet – Tied and Tortured

Hey guys, under feet aims to become your number one source of amazing women that get to abuse and have their way with their male slaves every time. So for our update this week we bring you two blonde hotties that seem to have found themselves with a submissive male slave on their hands and they intend to  abuse him as mush as they want tonight. So watch as the two blondes abuse and humiliate their male sex slave in this gallery today. We’ll be back again next week with more juicy stuff. Until then guys!


See this slave humiliated by two perverted mistresses!

Under Feet – Lick my boots clean

Another fresh week and time to show off one more superb and sexy under feet update. For this nice gallery we have to bring you this nice scene where two very hot women act as mistresses and they are trying to train the male slut the have on their hands. And for his first ever trick he will be getting the absolute honor, to worship one of their feet as he licks her boots clean. Well we can only hope that he also got a treat by the end from the ladies, but that’s not really certain as you might imagine. Enjoy it as always and see you next time!


 See this slave licking forced to lick his mistresses boots! 

Slave gets punished

Remember the two under feet mistresses we showed off a few updates ago? well today they return with some more scenes. But for this gallery as you will see, they aren’t treating their male sex toy nicely anymore. He managed to get on their nerves today and the ladies were not at all pleased with his behavior and so they pulled out the whips. While one holds him, the other whips and spanks his naughty ass for your enjoyment. Well theirs too, but they always get the bonus to do this whenever they feel like it. Bye guys!


 Watch this hot slave getting spanked and punished!

Under Feet – Slave worshiping his mistress

As always under feet returns once more this week with another sizzling hot session for you guys to sit back and enjoy with. In this one we have another hottie getting rough and raunchy with her male sex toy and she has jus the thing to show off to the cameras. You see she wants to show off just how much she has this poor guy under her high heels. So she presents him with her feet as he gets to lick them for her and clean them up. And he does a very good job too. Why else would the mistress be so proud of him otherwise!


 Watch this guy licking and sucking delicious toes!

That’s a good boy

This is another special day today at the under feet studio. You see in this little update we have a male sex slave that actually did his job good for today. And he’s getting some better treatment from his mean mistress. She herself is really proud of him, and before gives him some more rewards he has the permission to eat her unfinished food. then she did a nice number for him as she also jerked off his cock to his pleasure this fine afternoon. Hopefully he won’t slip up and make her change her opinion once more!


 Have fun watching this guy forced to feed like a dog!