Under feet videos – A rewarding footjob

This latest under feet videos will show to you to what level of humiliation will go in order to get their mist wanted desire. Feet. He endures dirty humiliations you could not imagine, like getting all tramped, covered in cum and other sticky liquids, all for the sake of feet. Check him out at underfeet.com and start wondering what you would do for feet. Enjoy and if you’re looking for similar content check out russianmistress.org site. Enjoy as this is one of the few studs that actually gets to have some sort of reward for his great job at the end of it all so let’s see him in action.

Like all the other babes here they have the guy lick their sexy feet, and one of the babes actually decides to tease him even more climbing on top of him, and grinding her sweet pussy along his back. Well into the video as he did a good job to clean those feet nicely, the brunette that teased him started to stroke his cock, and the other babe presented her feet for him to cum on to. So watch him getting jerked off until he blows his jizz all over his mistresses’ sexy feet this afternoon. We hope you liked it and do check out the past updates as well for more superb female domination scenes!


See these two mean mistresses humiliatin this male bitch!

Under feet worship

Every foot fan will really want to be the guy manipulated and dominated by a couple of mean, dangerous blonde girls, in this latest under feet worship . Check out this great female domination scene and see these hot babes giving him an opportunity to praise their soles and toes and fingers as he has to put up with all types of embarrassing hell. This is the cost he voluntarily pays for access to these godlike feet! This latest underfeet will make you look at feet completely different. So let’s not waste time and just see the two hot and horny babes as they have fun with their slave.

The scene starts off just as the sexy mistresses return from downtown as they went for a beer. And since the guy was very naughty he was made to wait patiently like a puppy by the door with the whip in his mouth. And as they return they already start making him clean their shoes after the wear and tear from down town. Sit back and watch the MeanBitches making the guy lick their shoes clean and see as they tease him as much as they can. They even get around to play with his cock but they don’t let him cum. Enjoy it and see you next week as usual with more fresh scenes!

See these mistresses tramplin their helpless naked slave!

Pleasing the ladies

Check out this latest under feet videos and see what wild sexy girls who humiliate their mate. They get him down and piss on him, giving him the sweet taste oh hot liquid, all while the other one is toying with his large dick,rubbing him and making him cum all over the place. And all for feet. Watch this poor slave pussy licking and being pissed in his mouth today. Well when you get to play with two sexy and hot blonde mistreeses that are serious about their male sex slaves there’s no way you can say no to what ever they ask you to do. And let’s just see the ladies have fun with the guy!

As the cameras start rolling, you get to see the superb blonde babe with short hair as she lays on the couch, and her mistress buddy brings around their male slut for this afternoon to play with. Sit back and watch as they make him lick their high heel shoes clean, and then they make him lay on his back on the floor. The babes weren’t anywhere near done with him today as they also wanted to treat him to a yellow shower as well. So just take your time to see the babes taking turns to pee on his face as well in this nice and sexy scene that we bring you today everyone. See you next week as always.

 doggy slave licking feethelpless slave being pissed on at underfeet

Click here and see this Domina pissing into slave mouth!

Face under feet

This guy is really into Hot Legs And Feet and would do just about anything to get to smell and sniff them, at face under feet . This time he got all naked, showing one tight ass and one large dick to toy with. And they made him do all kind of kinky things, like masturbating himself, while they were touching themselves right there in front of him. Then they made him kneel, and they started to slap his tight ass, until is was all red and swallow. In the end they let him have what he was really eager for. They stuffed their legs deep into his mouth, just the was we like it at underfeet.com. As soon as he felt her feet in his dirty mouth, he got all hard and actually cum twice, Kinky.

this helpless dude has his face under feet

As you know by now, here you get to see some sexy mistresses with a fetish for getting their feet licked as they take advantage of their submissive male sluts. And you can always count on them teasing the studs as much as they can in every scene that they have. Have fun with this nice and hot gallery of fresh pictures as they make this stud lick their feet clean, and since he got to play with such sexy feet, you get to see the guy pretty much worshipping them all afternoon long. Have fun with it as always everyone, and come back next week for another amazing and hot scene that we’ll have ready for you! Until then, you can also visit the hardtied.net site and see other mean mistress doing getting kinky!

See this mistress having her feet worshiped by slave!

Cruel sisters – foot fetish

These hot sexy sisters from underfeet have no mercy for their men, if they want to have a taste of their feet.They made them get all undressed, showing their tight asses and they started wiping them wit hot latex striped. Check them out at DomKarin and at foot fetish and enjoy them. Well today we have two babes that are very sexy and they also share a pleasure for teasing men. As you can see, they look pretty much identical. These two babes even had the same hairdo and make up and even though they are not related you could sure say that they were. So let’s see them in action!

And as you can clearly see, the two babes also just love to dress up kinky as well. They have the studs strip naked and then they have them doing push ups as they sit on top of them to see which one of their man sluts has more stamina. As only one of them would be getting their attention and a reward at the end in the form of a hand job, and the loser would just have to stand by and watch the whole thing going down without pleasing himself. So watch the sexy and slutty mistresses as they tease these guys as much as possible and see you guys next week with another sexy and hot scene!

cruel sisters punishing helpless slaves

See these mistresses having their sexy boots polished!

UnderFeet Maya & Lisa

Sexy girls know that poor men would do  just about anything to touch their sexy legs, and in this latest underfeet, this is what will happen. In this great female domination video update, this girls will make this poor guy, masturbate them, making them all wet and moisture and scream with sexual pleasure, all for a few moments of feet worship. Rest assured that you will be in for quite the superb show with these two hot and sexy mistresses as they have fun teasing this horny stud today. Well let’s get their show on the road and see the nice and sexy trio in action shall we?

sexy femdoms having their feet worhiped

These horny and hot seductive babes know how to tease a guy properly and they sure had lots of fun dressing up as well. One babe was wearing a kinky little police woman outfit and the other one was just wearing her sexy and hot little lingerie outfit. You will get to see as the babes make the guy worship their sexy and hot feet and you also get to see them taunting him as much as possible as they take off their clothes and show off their round and playful tits while he gets just to watch. And he’s not allowed to touch himself either. Have fun with it and see you next week!

See these seductive girls and their submissive slave!

Under feet Mary

I love it when a woman gets the man where he belongs. And in this latest under feet Mary, she got her man to do pretty much everything she wants, some femdom handjob and all for a few moments of feet licking. She got him in his kneel and beg, she made him lick his own cock, she made him fuck her and finger her until she was overwhelmed with pure sexual pleasure and cum in a screamed out orgasm. In this latest underfeet.com, you get to see a first – a men begging. Enjoy one more superb scene today and see as this sexy and cute blonde gets her feet taken care of by her man slut today.

You see, this lovely and hot blonde babe trained her man to follow her word to the letter and he never disobeys her word. Ad since she has him doing what ever she wants him to do, she never even needs another guy. Sit back and watch as for this afternoon the cute blonde babe makes the guy clean her feet with his tongue and rest assured that he wanted to do a great job. Because maybe, just maybe his blonde muse will reward him as well later. Well we’ll let you see if she did, so just take your time and enjoy this nice and hot gallery today without further due guys and have fun!

under feet mary gets her sweet toes liked

Check out this doggy boy savoring Mary’s delicious toes!

Irina & Ksusha – feet worship

Iris and Ksusha really took advantage of this poor lad’s fetish for feet, in this latest under-feet . They got him but naked, and started rubbing his cock until is was all hard and on the verge to cum all over the place, and then they started to touch him with their sexy legs. The poor guy had no chance in front of these Chantas Bitches and cum all over the place. And all for feet worship as you can see. Well we know you are eager to watch the stud getting treated roughly so let’s not delay it any longer and see him in action as the babes take advantage of him for the whole afternoon today.

irina and ksusha dominating slave irina and ksusha foot worship

The scene starts and the babes are already playing with they man slut this afternoon. You get to see them as they begin by dragging him in the room and making him lick their shoes clean. Well you can rest assured that that was actually the reason why the stud did it in the first place. So let’s just sit back and watch him pleasing both of his mistresses as they have all the fun that they want with him. You get to see the cute babes playing with his nice and big cock today too to his pleasure, and they make him blow his load all over himself and heir high heels as well. Have fun with it and see you guys soon!

Watch these two bossy bitches trampling boy’s cock!

UnderFeet kristina

Check out this poor man, getting down on his knees in this latest underfeet. He licked those red boots like they were candy on a stick, all in the hopes that in the end he will get the chance to lick some feet skin and have one hell of an orgasm. So if you like foot fetish scenes this is definitely the right place to be. Have fun watching this great video update featuring Kristina, a beautiful mistress who is ready to do many kinky things just for you. Anyway, miss Kristina here loves to treat her men roughly and she always seems to have on handy to play with as much as she wants.

The scene starts off with this lovely and sexy brunette as she makes her entry wearing her superb sexy and hot outfit for today and she was super ready to start. As you can see this beautiful long haired brunette was wearing a nice and sexy pair of bikini tops to to cover her perky and playful tits, and she was also wearing a pair of black sexy panties with a pair of latex shorts over them. And let’s not forget about her kinky and hot red leather knee high boots as well. Watch as this babe makes the guy lick her sexy feet and enjoy seeing her treating him roughly for this nice and hot afternoon today.

under feet kristina gets her sexy red boots licked

Check out this beautiful mistress and her sexy red boots!

Pain under feet

Lara and Dasha are two really hot mean girls who love to torture their men, in order to get some pain under feet. This time they put some sexy black lingerie and really hot high heels and the torture was on. They made him take turns eating their wet tight pussies, making them moan and cum in screamed out pleasure, just the way we like it underfeet.com. When he though they were down they made him lay down and infernal restraints they stepped on his face with their heels, making him have a taste of their toes. So let’s get this show started and see as this guy gets treated today.

male bitch being dominated by two mean blondespain under feet

Well the thing is that the stud was very very naughty and the babes were going to give him his due punishment today. Sit back and watch as he comes in the room wearing nothing but a pair of thigh high stockings that the babes made him wear, and his collar on which one of the blondes pulls to get him in the room. Do take your time and see as this guy gets his body treated roughly and see him humiliated. You also get to see the babes torture his cock and balls as well for today and he seems to have enjoyed it as well. See you guys soon with more amazing and hot content!

See this male slave humiliated by a perverted mistresses!