Cock under feet

Check out this poor lad finding out the hard way what cock under feet really feels like. When he got together with hot sexy piece of ass he thought he was in for some wild nasty sex lingerie or some kinky lingerie videos. Instead he was stripped down, showing off one tight ass and very large dick which could have really rip apart some tight wet pussy. Instead he got his dick squashed by this nasty woman, and didn’t care even when she stuffed her sexy leg deep into his mouth, in a pure Check them out and enjoy them.

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Poor slave gets tied

Today’s sizzling hot under feet update has more dominant women getting rough with their guys. For this one her have a super hot woman with long hair tied in braided pig tails that seems to want to teach her guy a lesson in submission tonight. Heaven only know what the poor guy did to deserve this but he seems to really be enjoying himself by being under her sexy feet today. So watch her as she abuses him with everything she’s got this evening to his pure delight. Like always enjoy and we’ll be seeing you next time! If you like watching foot fetish scenes, come inside feetjeans blog and find similar content. Enjoy!


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Under Feet – Sexy brunette mistress

Another great week and one more under feet super sexy update for everyone to enjoy. Today we have one amazingly beautiful brunette here enjoying getting rough with her man. Don’t let the looms fool you though, as this woman is iron clad when it comes to dealing and enjoying herself with her male partners. You know the saying, beauty comes with dark thoughts and this woman here is the living example of those words. So watch her as she abuses her man with all kinds of teasing and other stuff tonight. Enjoy and see you next week, and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update come inside the femdom empire website and enjoy watching other great videos!


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Dominant mistress and her slave

Under feet has another treat all ready for you today.  This lady however, will leave you speechless. She’s a tall brunette and let us tell you straight off the bat that this woman enjoys torturing and whipping her guys as much as possible if she doesn’t like something they do. So this evening she aims to punish her male slave since he was very naughty earlier and didn’t do a great job at worshiping her sexy feet. So he was bound to get a nice and hard whopping from the busty and sexy dominatrix tonight. Until next time you can enter the blog and watch some kinky mistresses ass fucking their men using big dildos!


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Under Feet – Licking her toes

Hey guys, under feet is here again with more amazing mistresses having fun with their man toys. This time we have a sexy red head that’s all about getting the most out of her guys and she always enjoys doing this. For tonight she secured one stud that seemed to be crazy about her and she wasn’t about to let him slide with just having his fun. Before hand she planned to take advantage of him fully before he’d have a chance at her. So watch her as she makes him lick and kiss her sexy and long feet today. See you soon guys! Until then, watch this horny mistress getting her pussy licked!


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Worshiping the mistress

In today’s under feet gallery we have another pair of sexy women that enjoy giving rough fem dom treatment to guys when they manage to get their slutty little hands on some. They picked up this unfortunate dude at the club and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting the things that this ladies did to him tonight. So without further delays, sit back and watch him as he gets punished and abused by the two hotties hard style tonight. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next time with more. Until then have fun and enjoy as always. Bye!


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Under Feet – Teasing the slave

In this awesome under feet update for the week we have yet another stunning woman abusing her male slave. This short haired brunette sure likes to make it hard for her guys. For today she got on top of the dude that she’s suppose to have her way with for the night. And once planted firmly on him she teases him with her feet, playing with his face with them. Watch the guy as he also enjoys the rough treatment of this super hot mistress today and enjoy yourselves too. Again we must take our leave, but you know where to find us and when.


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Under Feet – Ksusha

This week’s under feet update is another hot one. Just like you’re used to by now, you know we’ll always have the most enticing and sexy images of guys worshiping their mistresses’ feet in every galleries and this wasn’t about to be different. This woman doesn’t even try to take off her shoes, she just lets her male sex toy worship her feet and lick them with her shoes still on her feet. And she seems to be pleased with his performance. Watch the guy as he tries his best to please the sexy lady today and check out the other galleries too. Bye!


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Feet All Over

Today was a special day at the under feet studio. You see for this image gallery we brought together a group of dirty minded women that all enjoy having fun with guys in their own way. So we just gave them a dude to enjoy playing around with and let’s just say that the group of women did one hell of a number on him for the night. So without further due, sit back and watch the poor guy getting abused by all the hot women that were in the room tonight. Watch them as they step on him and get rough. Enjoy and see you next week. If you’re looking for some hardcore BDSM scenes, check out the site!


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Under Feet – Sucking Toes

Under feet returns today with one more awesome gallery for your enjoyment. Today we have another mistress that enjoys torturing her male slaves allot and she’s going to show off just how she does it today. She tells her male toy that he needs to take care of her sexy feet first if he ever hopes to get something more eventually. So the guy basically has to prove that he enjoys all of her body before anything else. So watch the poor guy worshiping her sexy feet today in this sizzling hot gallery. See you soon everyone! Until them, you can enter the modelstied site and see some sexy models getting bounded!


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